Why I let my wife control ALL my finances and why you should too

Sep 14, 2016 | | Say something

At one point of my life, I suddenly realized that I had handed all of the control over my finances to my wife. I am not sure when and how this happened, but today I can admit that I have no idea what the exact situation with my finances and our family’s bank accounts and whether we have any debts.

I am embarrassed to say that I don’t even know the passwords for our online banking accounts. This is a fact which I am not willing to share with my friends and colleagues.


But another fact is that I am actually happy that things have turned out this way. I don’t worry about the bills, the taxes or any other bothersome financial matters. I still can get the things I like for myself and for my family. In fact, just last week my wife surprised me with a pair of awesome crossfit shoes which she bought with the money she had saved from some of her clever budgeting.

I am so glad that I do not have to take all of the responsibility for taking care of exactly how much we are spending and earning. Surely, I do have a salary but what exactly happens with it is not my concern. The fact is that I feel relaxed and secure knowing that my wife is in control and will do everything possible so that we and the kids are fed, clothed and happy at all times.

But the fact that my wife is in total control of the finances of the family, doesn’t mean that I just lay around all day and have no responsibilities to the family. Nope. I go to work every day, I am responsible for driving our two boys to school, soccer practice and to any other event they are attending.

I am also responsible for the weekly shopping errands (of course my wife writes the shopping list), as well as all the house repairs, lawn mowing, taking care of the family cars, etc.

So, in a way, we have balanced our responsibilities, and each of is in charge of the stuff which we are best at. This is a perfect way to keep the family together and to take care of our two growing boys and the everyday errands and work without stressing out or arguing about who does what and who spent what. In fact, I feel like handing over the control of my finances to my wife has shown her just how much I trust her. I think she likes that, and she has returned the trust to me as well. This is why I am happy with this living arrangement we have made.

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