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Feb 23, 2016 | | Say something | Sticky post

Let me tell you a story. Nothing fancy, just a short story.

A middle aged man woke up one summer day. As soon as he opened his eyes, he felt like a trash. Lonely. Fat. Tired.

Feeling low for too many days in a row, he dragged himself to the bathroom and slowly started brushing his teeth. He did that slowly, dreading to start yet another day being part of the rat race. He looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize the man who looked at him.

He saw the face of a man who has neglected himself. A smoker. A binge eater. A man without a will to do anything significant with his life.

goals-excusesThen something clicked. He scribbled something on a piece of paper and then..

Frantically he started gathering the old newspapers and magazines that were lying around the house. He got rid of his old clothes. He threw away the old patio furniture from the garden. And he felt amazing.

Getting rid of his unnecessary possessions made him appreciate more what he had now. His house seemed brighter.

He had decided to get rid of the excess. Not only from his excess possessions, but from his excess weight once and for all. He set the ambition goal to lose 70 lbs in one year, which seemed impossible at the time. He had a history of dieting and failing. He was majorly out of shape, unmotivated, without any energy and unhappy with the way he looked and felt. But that little piece of paper contained a Plan. A grand plan that would change his life forever.

He totally changed the way he ate and his attitude towards eating. He stopped drinking pop, limited his eating out and alcohol consumption and he started exercising every SINGLE day. It was a huge adjustment from what he was used to.

BUT to have any chance of success he knew that he needed to get outside of his comfort zone.

Fast forward a year and his life has been turned around. He is happy and healthy, brimming with energy. He is much calmer and deals calmly with any issues that get on his way. He reached his goal and keeps building lean muscles.

…that man is me..

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